The Memory

Time blows like the wind, The memory fades away. Things which meant the world once, Mean the world no more.

One day you choose to choose, To live what was or live afresh. Memories of gold, weigh on heavy The choice, crystal clear, you can never take.

The past still lives, yet dead and gone. Try to accept the present, the present. Tremble as these words you pronounce, Albeit harsh, begin to ring true.

Things which meant the world once, Realize now they don’t. Wish to get a second chance, And secretly wish you don’t.

The memory fades away, Life grows again, you start anew. Even though it left you alone, It is just the memory that remains.

When the fog lifts, you see the truth, The memory remains, but as your fuel. A queer transition, drives you onward, As you reach for the stars above.