I’m Saksham Sharma, a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur, class of 2018. I’m currently working as a Low Latency Software Developer in the Limestone trading team at Tower Research Capital. Much of the subsequent text is out of date on this particular page though :)

I used to be a super studious guy till class 12, and cleared my JEE (yes, THE exam in India), with national ranks of 10 and 138 in Mains and Advanced respectively, though I would’ve loved the opposite pair. Anyhow, that landed me at IIT Kanpur, a decision I’ll never regret.

Now there’s much more to me rather than just studying, I love to code, play badminton, a little gaming on the side, some writing to vent my thoughts, and of course hanging out with my friends. Oh, I also love music, classic rock, prog rock, alternative, and to lesser extents pretty much every genre out there. I can listen to Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and the likes all day long. Okay, not a lot, but enough for me.

I love coding in any form, and Linux, anything about it. You should look at my Github account. Also, I’ll mention, the same way I’ve mentioned in my old blogs, that I started actual coding on coming to college. (Well if you consider coding as writing loops and not knowing about arrays, then I’m afraid my claim is wrong). I did have to spend a huge, huge lot of time programming to get to this level. My journey has been a fine one.

As for writing, I used to love reading literature when I was a kid. Writing took a back seat after a stage, but doesn’t mean I don’t love to scribble.

Go ahead and give some stuff here a read. Come back for more :)

Ping me via email or on IRC, where I hangout as acehack or saksham on freenode.