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Anonymous, zero-server-trust couple matching - Part 1

NOTE:: The algorithm used has been re-worked, and changed since this article was written. Expect a new article with the formal algorithm soon :)

Update: The new article with the latest algorithm is here on my blog. Do read that article as a follow up!

The queerly named Puppy Love platform has been running in my university since 2014, meant to help shy nerds meet their crush, made my the Programming Club (of which, I happen to be the current coordinator)...

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IITK's "Puppy-Love" reborn

moVi - Mobile video protocol (Part 1)

After a really late start to my undergraduate project (UGP) this semester, I finally started working on something we call moVi.

First off, if the idea reminds you of mosh - Mobile Shell by Keith Winstein and Hari Balakrishnan of MIT, it is not a coincidence. I’d loved their paper called Mosh: An Interactive Remote Shell for Mobile Clients, and moVi is in a way taking their idea forward...

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My undergraduate project (semester 5)